Heather Jordan 500 RYT

“I teach yoga because I love weaving the physical experience with the emotional journey while honoring the spiritual story within each asana; guiding my students to find the mind, body, spirit connection within themselves.” ~Heather Jordan

Heatbluehandher lives each day as a do over. With each sunrise giving her a new opportunity to live authentically, creating an empowered and inspired life. Through empowered connection, Heather creates a dynamic experience that allows us to see our reflections, giving inspiration and courage to embrace our true self even when life pushes back.

“Heather is beyond wisdom embodied. She has a steadiness that matches her bright curiosity to live out loud and fully awake. Her authentic expression is lovingly infectious and brings out the absolute best and most inspired expressions in her students.” ~Shannon Paige ERYT-500

Heather’s greatest inspirations are found in her relationships with her husband, dogs and her reflections after many hours on her bike. Heather continually enhances and empowers her practice through Senior Teacher Study and assisting Shannon Paige nationally and internationally. You can find Heather featured on Gaiam TV, Yogadownload.com and teaching workshops around the country.

Heather can also be found at www.onlyunexpectedpaths.com

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