Teacher Bios

Join one of our teachers for a journey on your mat! Each teacher offers a dynamic, exciting experience. 

Their Bios are Below!

Heather Jordan 500 RYT

“I teach yoga because I love weaving the physical experience with the emotional journey while honoring the spiritual story within each asana; guiding my students to find the mind, body, spirit connection within themselves.” ~Heather Jordan Heather lives each day as a do over. With each sunrise giving her a new opportunity to live authentically, … Continue reading Heather Jordan 500 RYT

Jamison Koontz RYT-500

Jamison is an insightful and imaginative yoga teacher who has practiced a wide range of yoga styles. Her classes aim for a balanced combination of work and play. She is skilled in making alignment make sense and focusing on the fundamentals of practice. She is able to develop outstanding yoga foundations for beginning students and … Continue reading Jamison Koontz RYT-500

Kristen Williams RYT-200

Kristen has a love for learning and for teaching. She came to yoga as a way to gain strength and flexibility, and to balance her active lifestyle as a runner. Since then, her practice has grown to a lifelong journey toward health and wellness. Yoga has brought Kristen a sense of balance in a sometimes … Continue reading Kristen Williams RYT-200

Linda Yameen RYT-200

Linda has a passion for teaching yoga and sharing this journey with others. She loves teaching beginners who are just starting down the yoga path! She believes the connection of mind, body, spirit is the way to live a balanced life. Linda received her 200 hour certification in Kansas City with Gina Caputo and Sarah Kucera. … Continue reading Linda Yameen RYT-200

Leslie Head RYT-200

“Yoga is your personal journey, speak your truth” Leslie lives life authentically and passionately. Embracing each day as an exciting journey on and off the mat. Her classes are woven with playfulness and a wisp of challenge. Her roots lie in  Flow and continue to reach and explore other  angles of  yoga practice. You can … Continue reading Leslie Head RYT-200