2023 Schedule coming soon!

Register Below – Live In Person or Zoom

This is our 11th year of celebrating the New Year together! Every year we practice together 108 Sun salutations; done with reverence, intention and purpose. 2022 was the Year of Progress. It is time to let 2022 go and Welcome 2023!

This is a powerful practice that invokes courage in our hearts. It looms large in your mind beforehand and rests deep in your heart afterward. There is no better way to release 2022 and welcome 2023, Separately and Together.

We will be practicing Live In Person or over the Virtual airwaves of Zoom!

Register Now for this once a year event! If you have never joined in before, our Yoga mala is a moving meditation of 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A) to initiate and stabilize the changes that often accompany the activation of a new year. You do at your pace and what moves you! You do you! We would love to see you on your mat for this kickstart of 2023.

Join us!

2023 New Year’s Day Mala

Invite more light and courage into your practice by celebrating the ancient tradition of 108 Sun Salutations this New Year’s Day!

Share energy and cultivate your own intentions with a practice of connection among your Wheel Yoga Tribe. You can attend live in person or participate via Zoom Live!

Bring in the New Year with a Mala! There is no better cocktail than breath, intention and spoken words with your community.

The awesomeness of this format is that we can all practice together no matter where you are on this auspicious day.

Mala Begins at 10:00 am

Live in Person**

Kendallwood Apartments

Clubhouse – Studio

2813 A NE Kendallwood Pkwy

Gladstone, MO 64119

** In case of inclement weather- we will shift to Virtually via Zoom**

Bring in the New Year with a Mala! Be the change. Together we will Let Go of 2020 and Welcome 2021! There is no better cocktail than breath, intention and spoken words with your community.

New Year’s Day Mala

Registration Ends Noon December 31st. You will receive your Zoom Link and Password the evening of the 31st.


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